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In here, you shall find out what I get up-to, and this hopefully gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction in order for you to try and push yourself a little harder, a little further or even tackle that dragon that you have always dreamed of slaying.
Sometimes its not about doing your best….but giving your best to someone else.
You don’t always need to be charging your hardest to feel like you have achieved something. Sometimes that thing you are looking for… helping others.
This is the prime reason The Forge exists; Where Imagination – Meets Mettle
See you in the fire….

By Graeme / September 16, 2019

Mettle Monday – The Thin Blue Line

Written by Rebecca Mason I was born on the 27th May 1988, three months earlier than I should have been.…...

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By Graeme / August 12, 2019

Stob Ban & Mullach nan Coirean

Written By Graeme Walker Looking at my screen in work, I was counting down the hours until I could log…...

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By Graeme / August 5, 2019

Mettle Monday – Hiding In Plain Sight

Written by Mitchell Winters So, let me set the scene, it’s early 2005, I’m just your average guy doing average…...

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By Graeme / July 15, 2019

Mettle Monday – Escape The Ordinary

Written by Jordan Wylie I have always been fascinated by people who live their life like there are no limits…...

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