Written by Ollie Ollerton

Hello this is Ollie and this is an extract from my MIND programme on the BREAK-POINT online performance portal.

Have you ever wondered why we have such an issue trying to adopt new disciplines, make better versions of ourselves and change negative habits? But yet although these changes we strive to adopt would affect our lives positively, we seem to find it so hard to start as our minds do everything possible to avoid us taking the physical steps to do so?

How do we find it easier to fall into a negative cycle than a positive cycle?

Well I have a theory and I would like to share this with you.


Remains of our earliest ancestors, the ‘hominins’ lived in Ethiopia around 5.6 to 4.5 million years ago. Homo sapiens, the species to which we belong, has existed for about 100,000 years. Just think about that for a second…………. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I was told! That’s just an example of our early programming but not the point of this topic today, however that’s a really long time ago right?

My point is that up until approximately 15,000 years ago we were not only being hunted, we were hunting to stay alive. For millions of years as we have been EVOLVING, we have been in a constant state of readiness for death! Fear has dominated and been accepted as part our lives.

So please hear me out as I can see you frowning and wondering why I’m going into the EVOLUTION of man.

So when you consider the above information and the speed to which we have evolved over the last 2000 years, relative to our earliest evidence of our ancestors, would it not be safe to say that time and technology have overtaken our general EVOLUTION?

Because for many species, humans included, EVOLUTION happens over the course of many thousands of years, it is rare to observe the process in a human lifetime.

So back to my point, the MIND and body are the result of millions of years of EVOLUTION which have been subject to almost 99% living in fear of being eaten or killed, or both.

It’s no wonder that our human SURVIVAL BLUEPRINT still to this day is based around a great deal of FEAR. Our human blueprint is only interested in survival and EVOLUTION of the species.

Hopefully it makes sense that whenever we look to do something new and unknown we immediately go into a sense of fear, apprehension and self-doubt. The MIND wants the BODY to do exactly as it did yesterday and the day before, and the day before that because it knows doing exactly that has kept you alive to this point. It has no concern if that has provided happiness or sadness in doing so; it doesn’t care!

Keeping you locked in the same pattern of life is its one focus for survival.

So why am I telling you this theory? I’m telling you this because once we learn to understand how we work as humans, how we have been designed to think and feel, we can start to not only appreciate what is simply our genetic makeup, and that it’s the same for everyone, but we can then start to point the ship in the right direction and have a clear path to our desired destination.

We are all amazing creatures and this understanding helps us to appreciate and accept the very humanness of who we are and that you are not alone in moments of perceived weakness.

This is simply our default SURVIVAL BLUEPRINT ensuring our EVOLUTION on this planet.

With the above in MIND what do you think is priority for our ongoing survival; ‘Our continued EVOLUTION’ or ‘One unassisted pull up?’

It’s a simple answer isn’t it?

And it’s of no surprise that the very thought of stepping out of your comfort zone breeds negativity from every angle. Your MIND just needs a little reassurance that what you’re doing is in fact extending your life and making you happier as you do so, it needs a hug!

Another benefit to the sense of appreciation for how amazing we are as humans is that we treat ourselves with more respect and provide fuel that represents an F1 Racing Car as opposed to filling it full of crap and our minds full of bad feeling and disregard for its happiness.

The Short Cut Syndrome

Relative to our SURVIVAL BLUEPRINT are two essential priorities:

  • Reproduction
  • Food

And encompassing those two essentials is the shortcuts to both!

We have the innate characteristics of looking for shortcuts in everything we do. Throughout the majority of our EVOLUTION this has related to reproduction and food as there wasn’t much more going on in those years. Nowadays the possibility to shortcut everything we do and adopt a ‘do it later mindset’ is a very bad habit to employ.

Sure you can take the odd shortcut here and there but if you find you’re making short cuts all the time it will in effect, give you a life of exactly – no time!

You don’t get it back! No one’s going to hand it back to you, so the more shortcuts you take the less time you will have. Which is MIND boggling, when you think you are saving time by taking them in the first place.

“If you don’t complete, you won’t compete!”

So, take some time appreciating your thought processes and actions. When you identify the negativity and doubt when negotiating new disciplines, appreciate it for what it is, outlined above and reassure yourself that it’s all ok.

And at this point there’s chance for a POSITIVE AFFIRMATION

“I thank you for your concern, and uncomfortable as it may seem, I’m EVOLVING POSITIVELY day by day!”

Oh and as a little side whisper;

“And I’m gonna be f**ckin awesome very soon, have faith in me!”

Positive affirmations build positive emotions. When you identify a shortcut being played out smack it straight between the eyes and do exactly the opposite.

Take a moment to;

BREATHE – Appreciate and acknowledge

RECALIBRATE – Shed of the unnecessary thoughts and prioritize the goal

DELIVER – Take appropriate action

A moment spent going through the above process will deal with the issue and avoid its return. If you try to ignore the thoughts, they will be persistent. Before long, you will adopt a totally different outlook on everything you do by not having to do anything different, just simply by how you look at it.

“The negative feeling of doing something that you planned to do, but don’t want to do, is short-lived by the feeling of how good it is for you!”


Ollie Ollerton is a former Operator in the U.K. Special Boat Service (SBS), and is one of the Directing Staff (D.S.) on the TV Show SAS Who Dares Wins. He is also the founder of Break-Point UK