Risks are part of everyday life, they are always there. As we undertake tasks over and over again we learn to mitigate risks or at least be comfortable with the “acceptable” risk vs reward structure we put ourselves in.

You have to take risks, it’s one of the only ways to find out if you’re right, or perhaps one way of growing as a person.

However, one problem being is that more often than not, we talk ourselves out of something because of generally one thing…..the fear of failure, or worst case….death.

This weekend I took part in BreakPoint Mission Evade course which is essentially a 24-hr course, avoiding detection and capture of a pursuing hunter force.

As an ambassador for Break-Point, I am always keen to get myself on new courses, and test myself on a different stage. This course in my opinion, was the hardest one yet. Being hunted for the duration of your time there, puts an added stressor to the equation knowing that, you are not free to roam around the hills as you would on any other normal day…..No you have to think tactical, think intelligently and above all, think fast.

The team I was in was very capable, very dynamic and undertook every task and scenario with a big smile and a chunk of enthusiasm. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better team.

As day merges into night, the stakes go up, shadows, sounds, lights, movement can all give away your position, and therefore stealth and speed is paramount. There are various tasks to undertake throughout the course and as much as I won’t give away any details, I will tell you that it’s the seemingly simple and less obvious things that matter the most.

By taking the risk of undertaking the course, with the almost permanent feeling of fear and despite all the odds and teams taking part, our team managed to complete the mission in first place, or to make it clearer. We Won

If you want to grow, do something new, be something different, then you have to take risks. You have to cross the bridge. On one side is the safe place you stand currently, its familiar, you are used to it, you can do it, you can deal with it, but as soon as you start making your way across that virtual bridge, that’s when you find out if you truly want to see what is on the other side

If you get to the middle of it, then I ask you to continue the walk forward….its the exact same distance to the other side at this point and you never know, there may be something much greater on the other side. But you will never find out, if you keep retreating back to the familiar, the old, and the tested.

Replace excuses with effort…replace laziness with determination, and everything else will fall into place. Your effort is a reflection of your interest…once you see the results of your effort, you become limitless!

Picture taken by Rolling Rogues

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